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    This Solid Rock Stoneworks Kneeling Madonna Statue is a great option to add a bit of a religious touch to your home and garden. The Madonna figure mimics the Bless Mother Mary kneeling down, with her hands broought togther to her chin, appearing to be praying. The statue is made on 100% pure solid concrete and is high quaity. The Madonna figure weighs 33 pounds and measures: 18"Tall x 8"W x 13"D. The Heavy weight ensure the statue will stay in place and will not blow away or tip over. The statue can be stained in any of our stain color options, allowing you to pick the best color to match your home and garden. This is a good option for a religious gift to a friend or loved one. Place this piece on your porch, in your garden, in your home, etc and be reminded daily of your faith.
    Dimensions: 18"h x 8"w x 13"d

    Weight: 33 lb

    Shown in Marble Tone

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