Kneeling Soldier at Cross

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    Hand Crafted in the USA, the kneeling soldier at cross statue is one of our most popular pieces. Whether you are gifting this to a active serviceman or veteran or displaying in your garden, this statue is a great option to show support and honor to those who serve. The figure imitates a soldier kneeling, head down, at a cross with a rifle in hand. The details of this statue are breathtaking. Ample in size: 22"Tall x 20"w x 11"dia (Base: 20" x 10") and 71lbs. Cast from robust concrete- the statue is high quality allowing it to stay outside in the weather and all year round.

    Shown in Autumn Brown

    Dimensions: 22"h x 20"w x 11"d

    Weight: 71 lb

    Base: 20" x 10"

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