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    Solid Rock Stoneworks Timberwood birdbath is a lovely addition to any home, garden, or outdoor area. The birdbath boasts timber wood details throughout the basin and pedestal which flow nicely with the outdoors. Hand Crafted in the USA, cast from the highest quality cast stone concrete the birdbath is extremely durable. The birdbath is two pieces which allows for easy assembly and cleaning. Perfect in size, the birdbath measures 24"Tall x 18"d and weighs 88 pounds which allows the birdbath to be able to withstand winds. The basin is a good depth for your neighborhood birds to come bathe. The basin also has a raised center platform allowing birds to cool down in the hot summer months without having to completely bathe. The concrete material of the birdbath is a excellent option as the water is never overheated nor too cold during the season changes.
    Life Time Warranty.
    Dimensions: 24"h x 18"d

    Weight: 88 lb

    Top: 12-8907
    Ped: 22-8907
    Shown in Walnut

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